As top tax evasion fraud solicitors, our expert lawyers are renowned as best-in-class specialist tax fraud investigation defence attorneys.

Our specialisms span the full spectrum of tax evasion investigations, and include Vat, MTIC, Payroll, Cheating the Revenue charges.

Our Law Firm’s expertise in business crime is recognised by both of the UK’s leading legal directories. the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. The Legal 500 has characterised the firm as being -involved in the full-range of white-collar crime”.

Our expert lawyers are highly experienced at dealing with investigations and prosecutions for a wide range of tax offences. including:

  • Conspiracy to cheat the public revenue
  • Illicit alcohol, tobacco, and road fuel
  • MTIC
  • Payroll fraud
  • Smuggling precious metals
  • Tax evasion – HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
  • Unexplained Wealth Orders – UWOs
  • VAT fraud

We have an outstanding record of successfully obtaining excellent outcomes for our clients, and represent both individuals and companies.

Further, we understand that the interests of the company and its directors are not always the same.

Contact Our Top HMRC Tax Evasion Investigation Solicitors | Stokoe Partnership Best-In-Class specialist Tax Fraud Lawyers for London & UK

To contact our top  specialist HMRC tax evasion fraud defence attorneys, experts in both UK-only and international, cross-border investigations, call our best-in-class solicitors now on 0203 427 5710 or go to

Our expert fraud lawyers have considerable experience working with leading barristers and also forensic accountants and other key experts to ensure that every client receives a bespoke service focused on ensuring the best possible outcome.

We often advise and make representations during the investigations stage (including interviews) and this can often avoid charges and a formal prosecution altogether.

Where appropriate, we are also involved in effective negotiations with the investigating or prosecuting agencies to minimise the damage to our clients’ reputations and assets.
We appreciate that reputational damage to individuals and businesses can potentially occur as a result of an investigation or prosecution, and we have substantial experience advising clients on how to best manage and minimise this damage.

Best-In-Class Tax Evasion Fraud Defence Law Firm Solicitors  | Stokoe Partnership Top-Rated Attorneys

Dealing with complex tax fraud requires thorough preparation and strategic planning from the very beginning.

Our team of financial and business tax evasion fraud defence lawyers possesses extensive experience and with collaboration with top barristers and other relevant experts, provide each client with a tailored service aimed at achieving the best possible results.

Indeed, our specialist tax evasion attorneys frequently offer advice and make representations during the investigation stage which can prevent charges and prosecution altogether.

When necessary, we also engage in effective negotiations with investigative or prosecuting bodies to protect our clients’ reputations and assets.

We understand that fraud investigations or prosecutions can potentially harm the reputations of individuals and businesses. Our extensive experience enables us to guide clients on managing and mitigating this damage effectively.

Our expert team is often called upon to represent clients in major fraud cases led by:

  • The Serious Fraud Office – SFO
  • The Crown Prosecution Service – CPS
  • Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs – HMRC
  • The National Crime Agency – NCA
  • The Financial Conduct Authority – FCA
  • The Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy – BEIS
  • The Competition and Markets Authority – CMA
  • The City of London Police

The extensive tax evasion fraud investigation experience of our top tax lawyers empower us to navigate the various strategies and approaches employed by the investigative and prosecuting bodies above to drive and achieve optimum outcomes successes.

International, Multi-Jurisdiction Tax Evasion Fraud Investigation Defence Solicitor Law Firm | Stokoe Partnership Top-Rated Attorneys

Our best-in-class tax fraud lawyers increasingly handle tax evasion cases on an international level, involving multiple overseas jurisdictions, regulators, and legal frameworks.

Stokoe Partnership Solicitors maintains strong connections with leading international experts and foreign law firms, ensuring these matters are managed not only efficiently and effectively, but also with both tactical and strategic expertise and planning.

Unexplained Wealth Order [UWO] Specialist Solicitors for High Net Worth Individuals | Best-In-Class, Top-Rated UWO Property Lawyers | Stokoe Partnership Attorneys

If there are valid reasons for HM Customs & Excise to believe that an individual, or even someone who may be associated with the individual,  may not have legally declaring the full amount of tax due to the Public Purse with respect to property, an Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO) can be requested by an HMRC officer.

Proceeds of Crime Unexplained Wealth Order Property Solicitors | Top-Rated Stokoe Partnership London, UK-based Law Firm of Specialist Attorneys

Essentially, a UWO is an investigative tool to investigate the origin of property and recover the proceeds of crime – even if the property is held in trust and/or other complex ownership structures such as opaque foundations.

Notable Tax Evasion Fraud Cases

Defrauding HMRC Tax Investigation – Organised Criminal Tax Evasion Fraud Attack

We acted for a number of clients arrested as part of a HMRC sting operation resulting in over 30 simultaneous arrests across the whole of the UK. The allegation centred upon a criminal organisation said to have embarked upon a sustained attack of the VAT system resulting in a loss of £30 million to the exchequer. The investigation involved the sale of Voice Over Inter Protocol (Vol P) contracts. The case is said to have involved some of the highest profile criminals in the United Kingdom.

VAT – HMRC Tax Evasion Fraud

We act for a number of clients who were arrested as part of a HMRC sting operation which resulted in over 30 simultaneous arrests across the UK. The allegation was a sustained attack of the VAT system which resulted in a loss of £30 million to the exchequer.

Counterfeit Smuggling – Evasion of Excise Duty Tax Evasion Fraud | Cross Border, Multi-Jurisdiction Case Investigation

We successfully represented a client who was prosecuted for the evasion of excise duty to the value of £680,000. Our client was said to be the leader of a global network smuggling counterfeit cigarettes into the UK and other European jurisdictions. At trial, following lengthy submissions that the Crown had failed in their continuing disclosure obligations, the case against all the defendants in the case was discontinued.

Conspiracy to Defraud HMRC – Fuel Duty Tax Evasion Fraud

We successfully represented our client who was charged with conspiracy to defraud HMRC in the supply of non-UK duty paid fuel following a lengthy investigation by HMRC. It related to Rebate Fuels which are subject to lower rates of excise duty undergoing a laundering process which allowed the fuel to pass off as normal road fuel. Following lengthy submissions that the Crown had failed in their continuing disclosure obligations the case was dropped.


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