Injunctive relief is a legal remedy that may be sought in civil cases, in place of monetary damages. They are court orders that may compel a party to carry out a specific act or refrain from a specified act or behaviour.

Disobeying them is a contempt of court which renders the party in default liable to a fine or sentenced to a term of imprisonment of up to two years. An interim injunction is applied for by a claimant before trial, often to preserve the status quo, to prevent a defendant from carrying out acts which are prejudicial to the claimant, or to preserve assets and prevent dissipation or assets prior to trial resulting in the winning party having a hollow judgment and recovering no funds.

Stokoe Partnership Solicitors are experienced in obtaining such interim relief or conversely in resisting claims for such relief. Prompt action is essential, with immediate consideration of potentially many papers and careful preparation and prioritising such applications when often time is of the essence. Our team are skilled at reacting fast, with the key to success in such cases depending on careful attention to detail and careful handling to navigate the intricate rules involved, our lawyers are on hand to offer their extensive expertise promptly and clarify often a complex process.

Our litigation team give practical, realistic advice on the risks and consequences that may be involved in such a case and, when appropriate and required, will make available the resources to successfully obtain injunctive relief.

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07 May 2024

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