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Ernest has several years’ post-qualification experience in representing clients in serious and minor criminal cases. Prior to joining Stokoe Partnership, Ernest was employed as a solicitor in another leading criminal firm, in North London.

Ernest is a qualified Duty Solicitor and has substantial experience in advising and assisting suspects at the police station and defending in the Magistrates’ and Youth Court.

Notable cases:

  • R vs J [2014]: Represented Mr J who was charged on two accounts of rape, false imprisonment and ABH against a 17 year old girl. After robust representation in the police station and in the Crown Court, the prosecution had no other option but to review the case against Mr J and offer no evidence in relation to all charges. This result was despite the Crown Court judge twice refusing to allow the prosecution to offer no evidence.
  • R vs H (and another) [2013]: Represented Mr H who was charged with murder. Advised and assisted at the police station and throughout the court proceedings. The CPS served thousands of pages of documentary evidence and several hours of video evidence. Assimilated CPS evidence into manageable schedules used to prepare the defence case. Drafted a Crown Court bail application, response to the CPS bad character application and an application to instruct junior counsel and Q.C. Result: Not guilty.
  • R vs I (and others) [2013]: Mr I was charged with possessing Class A drugs with intent and a firearm with intent to endanger life. The firearm was a loaded Mac-10 sub machine gun; a firearm so dangerous that in the past the Met Police have offered a reward of up to £10,000 for any information leading to its recovery. The firearm and drugs were found hidden in Mr I’s studio flat. Represented Mr I at the police station and subsequently in a Magistrates’ Court where he appeared in custody. CPS lawyer opposed bail in the Magistrates’ Court, emphasising that Mr I was a man of Somali origin with no close ties in the UK. Bail application made and persuaded the Magistrates to grant Mr I conditional bail, without a security or surety. Result: Trial in the Crown Court. After eight days, the case against Mr I was dismissed at half time.
  • R vs D (and others) [2013]: Mr D was charged with s18 GBH and robbery. The incident was caught on CCTV. Bail was refused in the Magistrates’ and Crown Court. Drafted a second Crown Court bail application after sending several letters to the CPS requesting a number of items to be disclosed. Despite the judge giving the CPS several opportunities to disclose the material, the CPS failed to do so. The judge was persuaded that there was a material change in the circumstances and the second bail application was heard. Bail was granted and a successful application to dismiss the charges was made. A co-defendant was given an immediate prison sentence following his guilty plea.
  • R vs M: Mr M was charged with possessing controlled drugs with intent. Advised to Mr M plead guilty on the basis that the supply was for social purposes only. Through their investigation, the police became aware that Mr M had several properties in the UK and Jamaica and large sums of cash being transferred from his UK accounts to Jamaican accounts, including the account of a man who had been convicted for drug importation and deported from the UK. The police also seized approximately £10,000 in cash from an address linked to Mr M. The CPS did not accept Mr M’s basis of plea. Confiscation proceedings were also initiated. Responsible for taking detailed instructions from Mr M, liaising with international agencies and considering the financial accounts of several individuals. Result: At the Newton hearing, the judge ruled in favour of the defence and Mr M was given a suspended prison sentence. Subsequently, drafted written representations and persuaded the CPS to discontinue the confiscation proceedings.