Our experience of Trading Standards disputes has taught us that it is an area of law which cuts both ways, and that it can be as distressing to be a business on the end of an investigation as it can to be an individual who feels it necessary to trigger one.

If your business is the subject of such an investigation, it can be massively disruptive and stressful and can, if not dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible, cause long term reputational damage. Since Trading Standards Officers can call upon options such as engaging the police to make arrests, carry out searches and seize property, businesses should consider seeking representation at the earliest opportunity. The fact that our lawyers work across all fields of criminal and corporate law means we are able to call upon in-house expert opinion no matter what the details of your particular case, and we will represent you in a manner which means your side of the situation is fully and clearly explained.

We offer representation at every stage of the process – from initial complaint through any interviews, arrests or possible trial – and we will use our experience and working knowledge of Trading Standards in order to assess the strength of the prosecution case and advise as to the best plea. Our team of skilled lawyers can also advise clients on confiscation proceedings, whether that involves support on triggering confiscation, or when facing a potential confiscation order. In some cases, we may be able to negotiate the details of any charge down to something less serious and, moving forward, will be able to work with you in order to ensure you comply with any changes made to Trading Standards.