The term “money laundering” conjures up images of murky financial middlemen using offshore bank accounts to disguise the proceeds of serious crime such as drug dealing and fraud. However, the reality is often far more mundane and increasingly the UK money laundering regime ensnares businesses, professionals and individuals going about their normal daily business.

Money laundering is widely defined in the UK. In effect, any handling or involvement with any proceeds of any crime – whether it is in the form of cash, money in bank accounts or assets representing the proceeds of crime – may amount to a money laundering offence if the prosecution can show that the individual knew or suspected that he or she was dealing in the proceeds of crime.

Stokoe has dealt with numerous money laundering investigations and prosecutions, representing clients alleged to have engaged in money laundering. We also represent individuals and businesses that believe they might need to make a Suspicious Activity Report, and have significant experience challenging restraint orders.