A judicial review is a High Court procedure for challenging administrative action that allows individuals, groups or businesses to challenge in Court the lawfulness of decisions or actions taken by public bodies.

There are many different grounds upon which to challenge the actions and decisions made my public bodies, including:

  • When an action/decision makes use of an unfair or unreasonable procedure
  • When action/decision made are outside the powers of the decision maker
  • When action/decision is in breach of a person’s human rights
  • When an action/decision is deemed to be irrational
  • When an action/decision is in breach of European Community Law
  • When a public body fails to comply with ones of its legal duties

Those who believe a decision or action taken by a public body has been unlawful should seek legal advice immediately. With a specialist knowledge of human rights law, our team is particularly well-placed to act for clients who feel a decision taken by a public body has infringed on their human rights.

Stokoe’s lawyers will provide expedient legal advice in relation to these matters, including advice on legal aid eligibility. We will also provide guidance in pursuing often expensive judicial reviews in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Judicial reviews can involve a wide range of complex issues, as well as different types of public bodies (e.g. governmental, non-governmental, and regulatory). Our talented team possesses the flexibility and breadth of knowledge to use judicial review to successfully challenge any public body deemed to have acted unlawfully, for whatever the reason.