Insider dealing

Insider dealing has been a criminal offence in the UK since 1985. In general terms, a person can face allegations of insider dealing if they are suspected of dealing in shares whilst in possession of confidential or ‘inside’ information, encouraging others to deal in those shares or disclosing inside information to another person.

However, insider dealing is a complex area of law, wherein offences are not always clearly demarcated. Therefore it is essential to seek the advice of legal experts in order to ascertain whether or not any allegations of insider dealing will hold up in a court of law. Our expert team are on hand to ensure that clients facing allegations are aware of the important defences available to someone charged with insider dealing.

Stokoe are experienced in dealing with a host of allegations relating to insider dealing and market abuse, including:

  • Insider trading; and
  • Manipulation of transactions and/or devices in the action of insider trading;
  • Dissemination of misleading information;
  • Misleading behaviour

The Financial Services Authority has increased its focus on prosecutions in recent years, leading to a marked increase in investigations and subsequently, successful prosecutions and imposition of custodial sentences.

The nature of Financial Services Authority investigations means they can be unpredictable, and as such, those under investigation need the specialist input of firms such as Stokoe. Our team is experienced in advising clients who are subject to search warrants, or have their assets frozen as the result of restraint orders.

No matter how a client has become subject to insider dealing investigations, whether through financial or other non-commercial trading activity, our lawyers will take into full account the unique circumstances of a client’s situation, tailoring practical and realistic advice to individual needs.

Stokoe’s skilled solicitors have experience dealing with insider dealing cases that have proceeded via both the civil and criminal jurisdictions.