Many people make the mistake of assuming that any work carried out by a legal firm will automatically involve legal action, and highly formalised occasions such as court hearings, depositions, statements being taken, and official interviews. Naturally, most people find the thought of such proceedings highly daunting and would rather avoid them, so we apply our legal expertise to finding alternative methods of dispute resolution which are less expensive, less time consuming and aim to provide solutions rather than conflict.

If you or your business are involved in a dispute, it’s vital to seek the help of expert lawyers; they will step in, advise, liaise and mediate in an effort to ensure that matters don’t spiral out of control as they often can when being handled by people not so well versed in legal matters. Given that disputes can arise in areas as diverse as family law, property issues, financial disputes, boundary disagreements and tenant/landlord problems, our approach to resolution is flexible, multi-faceted and delivered in a clear and accessible manner. The number of different areas in which we can provide specialist legal help filter through to our work in dispute resolution, meaning there are few, if any, situations to which we cannot find a quick and acceptable solution. If you are involved in a dispute and want to settle matters without resorting to legal action, then take the sensible precaution of speaking to people who are experts in alternative forms of resolution.


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