Prosecutor faces questions on FGM trial


Yesterday prosecutors were accused of pursuing an ill-judged case under political pressure. Mr Mohamed’s lawyer claimed that the CPS had brought the prosecution because it was facing demands to “get results” — but warned that it had taken a huge toll on the defendants.

Ali Hussain, of Stokoe Partnership solicitors, said: “It seems as if the CPS was under pressure to do something and decided on this case. But it has backfired massively.”

He added: “They wanted results and they wanted to be in a position to say to the select committee we have got one prosecution under way, having spent the last 30 years not able to prosecute anybody. But the case has a human cost.”

New guidelines for nurses and midwives on FGM will be published today. The Royal College of Nursing has demanded that ministers “ensure healthcare staff have comprehensive training and support to help tackle the abuse”.

Dr Dharmasena’s trial heard that a woman, known only as AB, had been subjected to FGM at the age of six in Somalia. It was alleged that she was subjected to a repeat of the procedure after giving birth at the Whittington Hospital in London in 2012. Dr Dharmasena argued that his one figure-of-eight stitch was to stem her bleeding.


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