While the UK has had anti-terrorism legislation in force since 1969, the events of September 2001 changed the world dramatically, and with it the laws surrounding terrorism.

Since 2000, seven new pieces of anti-terrorism legislation have been passed, introducing new offences and new powers for police. These pieces of legislation established a clear definition of what constitutes an act of terrorism, and lay out the procedures for dealing with this type of crime.

Under UK law, you can be charged with a terrorism offence if you are alleged to have:

  • Taken membership of certain terrorist organisations
  • Directed terrorist activities; or trained others to use weapons for terrorism purposes
  • Used or raised money to fund terrorist purposes
  • Been in possession of articles suspected to be used in relation to acts of terrorism

Our lawyers are well-versed in anti-terrorism laws and are on hand at any time of day to provide advice or representation relating to a terrorism allegation. With our expert knowledge of terrorism laws, we can advise clients on their basic and legal rights, including freedom of speech and the right to a fair trial.

UK Terrorism Acts have also afforded increased powers to the police and government bodies to act against acts of terrorism that many might be unaware of, therefore it is essential that clients understand their rights and entitlements when facing an allegation.

Our lawyers advise clients on the lawfulness of certain actions taken by police and/or state officials in the investigation of terrorism allegations, including:

  • State-imposed control orders
  • Stop and search
  • Detention
  • Violations of human rights, including freedom of speech and freedom of association

We work meticulously to identify cases in which certain anti-terrorism acts might violate a client’s civil liberties.

Above all, we will work to ensure that any client facing a terrorism allegation is treated in a fair and just way at all times. Although cases relating to terrorism can often be very complex and protracted, clients can be assured that our dedicated team will be on hand throughout the investigation to provide comprehensive, up-to-date advice at every turn.

It is crucial, in light of the fact that anti-terrorism law is constantly changing, for clients and potential clients facing terrorism allegations to act quickly to secure the services our legal experts.