RestraintsRestraint and confiscation proceedings are increasingly being used by enforcement agencies in criminal cases. The restraint of assets pending a criminal trial is of immediate concern to all those that find themselves burdened by the imposition of a restraint order. We have extensive experience in dealing with restraint orders, their variation and discharge.

Investigators and police officers can obtain restraint orders ex parte without giving notice to you or your lawyers. Time is often of the essence and we can advise as to obligations under the order (which may involve the provision of statement setting out your assets to the prosecutor) and in relation to any possible discharge and/or variation of the restraint order. We are experienced in dealing with this area and have been involved in a number of the leading cases.

Our specialist team provides all the necessary litigation support in dealing with restraint and receivership orders. Our lawyers act quickly to ensure both your family and/or businesses have sufficient funds to meet their daily needs within the scope of the order by negotiating quickly and efficiently with the relevant authorities. We also act in cases where innocent third parties are affected by orders made in criminal cases against defendants.