Stokoe Partnership’s fraud lawyers are experienced in representing clients facing a wide range of tax fraud allegations, whether these are high profile, complex and lengthy prosecutions or simpler cases of tax evasion. If someone is facing allegations of tax fraud it is essential to act fast to secure legal aid, as Inland Revenue penalties can result in financial penalties or a criminal conviction. Our particular expertise lies in advising clients facing allegations of MTIC/VAT fraud.

Cases of VAT fraud involve the theft of VAT from the government and are handled at VAT tribunals. A client, whether an individual or business, is highly likely to face investigation from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). HMRC may undertake investigations when any of the following is alleged to have taken place:

  • VAT fraud or evasion/avoidance
  • General tax fraud or evasion/avoidance
  • Organisation of criminal tax activity
  • Conspiracy, deception, concealment or corruption
  • Money laundering
  • Use of false or forged documents
  • Previous offences have been committed, but without appropriate action being taken

In such an event it is important to seek the advice of fraud experts such as the lawyers at Stokoe Partnership. Our lawyers provide invaluable advice to clients as to the many ways in which HMRC investigations might affect business or assets.

In cases of MTIC fraud (or missing trader fraud), the offender absconds with the tax they failed to pay the government. “Carousel” refers to a more complex type of fraud in which VAT and goods are passed around between companies and jurisdictions.

These factually complex cases, which often involve huge sums of money, require the specialist knowledge and experience held by Stokoe Partnerships’ skilled team of fraud lawyers. Our lawyers advise clients facing allegations on the legislation and compliance requirements relating to MTIC and VAT fraud, and are dedicated to strategically researching and planning the best possible defence in correspondence to the unique circumstances of individual situations.