Our firm has a reputation for having one of the best teams of criminal defence solicitors in London. We have experienced lawyers advising and representing clients in every aspect of criminal law, ranging from driving offences to the most serious of cases, including large-scale fraud, drugs offences and murder.

We provide a comprehensive service and all our solicitors are well-versed in representing clients in police stations, magistrates’ courts and the Crown Court. All our solicitors regularly deal with general criminal defence work as well as specialist areas such as extradition, drug trafficking, money laundering and homicide. We take great care in keeping up-to-date with all developments in criminal law, ensuring we are at the cutting edge when it comes to defending clients and giving advice.

We ensure that our clients and their immediate families are supported and able to speak to their solicitor at any time. We pride ourselves on being able to consistently offer the highest level of service at any time we might be needed.

We regularly instruct leading members of the bar, and we ensure that cases are matched up with barristers that have the necessary level of expertise and experience in dealing with the offence.