ConfiscationIn recent years the number of confiscation orders and the sums confiscated have steadily risen. Confiscation proceeding are now very commonplace following conviction. The proceedings are known to be draconian and can be more involved and complex than the proceedings for trial for the original criminal offences.

The financial investigation and tracing of assets, calculating of benefit and realisable assets, involves a different approach, one which requires both legal and analytic skills and a different focus to the trial proceedings which may have preceded it.

Confiscation law often involves complicated legal issues and is frequently misunderstood by many defence lawyers and judges alike. But Stokoe’s team of skilled lawyers are able to deal with all aspects of the confiscation regime and have been involved in many of the landmark decisions in this area.

Where necessary we work with forensic accountants to prepare for, analyse and present complex financial evidence in confiscation proceedings. We also advise third parties who are affected by confiscation proceedings, with knowledge and experience representing both individuals and companies.

Many individuals who are subject to confiscation orders reach a point whereby they need to apply to the Crown Court (or in some cases the High Court for a certificate of inadequacy) for a variation of the confiscation order. We frequently advise clients for these types of application.

We also regularly represent clients who are subject to enforcement proceedings where they are at risk of serving their default sentence for non-payment.