This specialist area of law falls outside the scope of traditional criminal law and requires expert advice and representation. Our lawyers have strong experience in applying for the release of detained cash, resisting applications for forfeiture and appealing forfeiture orders, ranging from seizures of £5,000 to £5,000,000. We regularly act for individuals and corporate clients who have had property seized from them by the authorities.

Cash forfetuire

This area of law recently came to the forefront during Operation Rize, during which authorities were able to search safety deposit boxes and over £1 billion worth of cash, drugs and firearms were seized. We were involved in a number of cases linked to that Operation.

Our specialist team is able to provide emergency advice and assistance as soon as a seizure is made. It is important that a proactive approach is taken from the outset to ensure that the monies are returned as soon as possible. It is also essential to remember these proceedings can run alongside, or be a precursor to, criminal proceedings. Our lawyers are experts in defending criminal proceedings and can provide a comprehensive service in such cases.