Appeals are a complex area and the appropriate appeal avenue depends on the decision being complained of, the type of court which made it, and whether it is a decision by a judge or jury.

We regularly undertake reviews of decisions made by the courts where defendants have been convicted, sentenced and/or made the subject of some other order in circumstances that may give rise to an appeal. This work involves cases in which we have been acting originally, and also cases where we have been instructed following conviction and/or sentence to review the case where other solicitors dealt with the trial. We often receive referrals from other lawyers to review decisions made by courts with a view to advising on appeal.

Our team has conducted appeals before the Crown Court, Court of Appeal (Criminal and Civil Divisions), the High Court and the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court), and the European Court of Human Rights. We have been asked to advise in appeals in relation to specialist areas of practice in Courts outside the jurisdiction. We also work regularly with the Criminal Cases Review Commission (“CCRC”). We instruct leaders in the field of appellate work and we pride ourselves in our ability to instruct a barrister who has expertise in the particular type of case involved.