Ernest Aduwa, solicitor at Stokoe Partnership Solicitors, writes for Solicitors Journal and discusses the deep web and the need to protect confidential data.

This article has been published in Solicitors Journal, May 4th 2016, and is reproduced by kind permission.

“The fact that the deep web is generally described as if it were a place – a physical ‘part’ of the internet – betrays a basic misunderstanding of how the internet works. Rather than being an area of the internet, the deep, or dark, web is more of an approach: a way of using the web that allows the user and the information they are sharing to remain hidden and anonymous.

In the wider media, this is generally characterised as representing a haven for criminals, terrorists, and rogues of every kind, but, in a post-Snowden era, the issue of internet privacy is one which concerns many more people than simply those intent on breaking the law. As it stands today, the deep web approach represents not merely some kind of wild west internet frontier land, but also a safe haven for the likes of journalists, whistle-blowers, and lawyers, allowing them to communicate securely, save sensitive documents, and maintain the integrity of their information…”

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