Ernest Aduwa has written an article for economia, commenting on why prosecuting hackers will not solve the problems faced with cyber crime.

“While the Lizard Squad is best known for the attacks on computer games companies like Microsoft and Sony, it has also been reported that they have claimed responsibility for shutting down the internet in North Korea in the same month and the hacking of the Malaysia Airlines website in January this year.

Lizard Squad is a so-called black hat – and in some cases as a dark-side – hacking group. However, is it helpful to stereotype hackers in this way?

While it is questionable whether or not hacking can ever be described as ethical, it could be argued that the negligence of these companies in not employing the best possible security systems is highly unethical.

It’s easy to blame black hat hackers for the rise in cybercrime. However, doing this is not going to solve any of the global problems faced in a world that is becoming more and more reliant on cyberspace. Of course, Sony PlayStation and Xbox gamers were very upset and angry in December 2014, but with each console retailing at several hundreds of pounds and Sony’s net profit more than tripling in second quarter of 2015, surely the public are entitled to a bit more protection.”

The full article can be read here.