Ernest Aduwa, Solicitor at Stokoe Partnership Solicitors, comments in Computer Weekly following the recent MP select committee report on the 2015 TalkTalk hack.

Cyber security industry mostly welcomes report on TalkTalk breach

“Most of the recommendations of a government committee inquiry into the TalkTalk breach have been welcomed, but pundits have expressed reservations about some, particularly proposed new fines.

The cyber security industry has broadly welcomed a government committee report on an inquiry into the October 2015 data breach at TalkTalk that exposed the personal details of 155,000 customers, but has taken issue with some recommendations.

While organisations can and should do more to protect consumer data, they cannot be left alone to fight cyber crime, said Amichai Shulman, CTO and co-founder of security firm Imperva.

Due to the potential delays associated with establishing the scope of cyber breaches and criminal investigations, criminal defence and cyber crime solicitor Ernest Aduwa at Stokoe Partnership believes the proposed fines are impractical.

“The idea of serving fines to companies who delay in reporting breaches into their system is a complete farce. There are many very good reasons for such a delay, such as a detailed police investigation,” he said.”

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