The story of Christopher Jefferies, Stokoe Partnership client, told in ITV Drama, ‘The Lost Honour’

A two part series has been made about Stokoe Partnership’s client, retired school teacher, Christopher Jefferies. ‘The Lost Honour’ is premiering on ITV on the 10th December. The film tells the real-life story of Jefferies, who was initially questioned by police as a suspect in the murder of Jo Yeates who rented a flat from him. The news of the murder attracted widespread media attention which culminated in the arrest of Mr Jefferies.

Partly due to his eccentric appearance, the media immediately vilified Mr Jefferies. The Sun titled their coverage of the story, “The strange Mr Jefferies”. The Daily Mail named theirs “Murder police quiz ‘nutty professor’ with a blue rinse” and the Daily Mirror told its 1.2 million readers: “Jo suspect is Peeping Tom”. In some publications he was linked to past murders and named a paedophile.

Jefferies was arrested on the 30th December 2010 and held for two days before being let out on bail. Three weeks after Jefferies arrest, a neighbour of Jo Yeates was arrested and later convicted of her murder. Jefferies later successfully sued eight newspapers and received an official apology from the police.

Nick Gargan, The chief constable of Avon and Somerset police, said arresting Jefferies was an “integral step” in the inquiry but he accepted that once Jefferies was released from bail, the force should have considered making it clear in public he was innocent.

Jefferies said of his treatment while on bail that he was “shamelessly vilified” by a “frenzied campaign to blacken his character” and could not go back to his house during the time he was on bail.

Stokoe Partnership acted for Jefferies in relation to the criminal investigation, action against the police and in tandem with his libel lawyers.

The film was written by Oscar nominated, Peter Morgan and directed by the director of Notting Hill, and former pupil of Jefferies, Roger Michell. Morgan, who wrote both ‘The Queen’ and ‘Frost/Nixon’, explained his goal in writing the two-part show. “No one will ever forget the man with the eccentric hair who became so connected with the murder of Joanna Yeates, I want to make sure that no one forgets the same man who was acquitted, and who fought back to clear his name.”

Shot in Bristol, where these events took place, the film stars Jason Watkins as Jefferies.