Stokoe Partnership Solicitors Partner Amjid Jabbar comments in The Times Law section regarding Tesco and the case of a revised profit.

Tesco and the case of a revised profit

by Edward Fennell

[…] as Amjid Jabbar, of Stokoe Partner Solicitors, says, the FCA has the power to bring its own criminal prosecutions and the resources to undertake lengthy investigations. “The FCA is now trying to wield its weapons more aggressively. They will certainly want to look at this case very carefully because Tesco is a company that every man and woman in the street can relate to.”

Of course, right now no one knows where the investigation will lead and as Jabbar says, despite a tougher approach, it is difficult for the prosecuting authorities to secure a conviction in the financial field […]

“Whistleblowers still do not have full protection under English law,” Jabbar says. “In June 2014 the government published the results of a call for evidence, which recognised that the framework needed strengthening. I understand that it is committed to introducing legislative and non-legislative reform in support of the framework.”


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